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#1 Posted : Tuesday, August 24, 2010 1:34:26 PM

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Dear Footballidentity member!

Thank you for registering. We bet you are wondering "what now"? Hopefully this mail will help you to get started. In fact, we urge you to read through this introduction carefully because there are many useful tips to be found in here.
One of the most important things to be aware of is that Footballidentity.com is an online football-world where Managers, Footballers and Journalists are all characters controlled by other users. A key to living the good life and having a growing career in Footballidentity is interaction and communication. With that in mind, you are all set to create a character of your choice.

Table of Contents:
1. How do I create a character?
2. What do I do as a football player?
3. How do I join a team?
4. What do I do as a Manager?
5. How do I become a Manager for a team?
6. What do I do as a Journalist?
7. How do I play Matches?
8. FAQ/Help
9. How do I keep myself updated on what is going on with Footballidentity?
10. BETA Release & Feedback

1. How do I create a character?
You can have up to 50 different characters (but only ONE user is allowed). You will see an option to create your character on your user page. You may then select what type of character you want to create, Football player, Manager or Journalist. If you regret your choice of character and as long as your character is unemployed, you can retire him or her and then create a new character of choice.

2. What do I do as a football player?
As a football player it is important that you are active and train your skills as well as being available to play matches for your team regularly. You can perform training once a day and you'll do this by going to "Character -> Footballer Improvement ->Training".
You'll get to participate in live matches, at given times, together with your teammates and against other user controlled teams. To be able to play matches with your football player you need to get signed for a team, which you can read about under headline “3. How do I join a team”.
When you have found yourself a team and start to play matches your footballer will accumulate statistics which hopefully will generate Footballidentity awards and in-game fame. If you "play your cards" right, you can build a name for yourself in the world of Footballidentity and thus, become a sought after player.

3. How do I join a team?
The best way of finding a team to play for is to write a short, but interesting ad in the Footballer Advertisement forum (http://forum.footballidentity.com/default.aspx?g=topics&f=61). You will have a much bigger chance of receiving a contract offer from a team by including the following information in your ad: what kind of footballer you are (include name of footballer and direct link) as well as what times you prefer and will be available to play matches (time zone) etc. Before signing with a team, check at what time the team play in the contract offer and make sure the match time suits you. You should also make sure you pay attention to the wage offered to you since the wage affects the training speed of your player.

4. What do I do as a Manager?
This game is not like other manager games where you are in charge of a bunch of AI controlled players. As a Manager in Footballidentity you'll get the chance to manage a team of real users. Communication skills, activity, presence, strategic thinking and fairness are important factors that play a huge part of your success. Browsing ads in the forums for players willing to join your team and scouting teams and players for up and coming matches are also important tasks.
When you have your team, it is you who picks the team-line ups, decide on match tactics, negotiates contracts, as well as coaching the team in matches and in-between matches. Your activity, commitment and leadership skills are the keys to have satisfied players in your team.
If you want to become a manager, it is really important to acknowledge the responsibility that comes with that role. If you don't manage your job as a manager, your team-members can and will (most likely) fire you! Being a Manager in this game is probably the toughest but also most rewarding role you can have and is probably as close to being a real manager as you can get.

5. How do I become a Manager for a team?
If you are a Manager, you can go to the "Manager Jobs List" "World -> Employment -> Manager Jobs" and apply for a team that is currently looking for a manager to take charge. If you feel that you want to ease into the role of a manager, you can always start out by taking a position as an Assistant Manager. By doing so, you are able to learn from someone who is already familiar with the game while building up your manager rating (which is used to decide who gets a job in a team when the application deadline is reached). You can then apply for available manager positions when you feel you are up to the task.

6. What do I do as a Journalist?
As a Journalist, your contributions could be sharp analysis of the matches, interviews of the players or informative articles. By writing articles, match coverage, interviews and doing research, you will be able to build a reputation within this world of a shotgun journalist or investigating reporter. If you have the ambitions of a writer, you can get immediate feedback on your work. If you are interested in doing research and presenting analyses, Footballidentity will give you enough material to dig into and you also have a great chance to shape the atmosphere and world of Footballidentity as you want it to be like.

7. How do I play Matches?
Matches are played twice per week. You join a scheduled match by going to “Character” and then click the match link that will appear where the text “Next match” can be read. The link will appear 10 minutes before the game starts. If you have not signed for a team yet and still want to test how it is to play a match then you can play test matches on your user page (http://testcenter.footballidentity.com/BasicWebsite/SWF/TestGame/TestGamePage.aspx?lang=en-GB) For an introduction on how to play matches you can also take a look at our demo on YouTube:

Footballidentity tutorial on YouTube:

8. FAQ/Help
If you want to know more about playing Footballidentity or other useful information, please take a look at our pretty extensive Help/FAQ. (http://footballidentity.com/Help/Content/)
You'll find our FAQ (Help) in the upper-right corner of the site or by clicking the link above.

9. How do I keep myself updated on what is going on with Footballidentity?
There are several ways of keeping yourself updated on what's going on in Footballidentity.

Footballidentity Forum:
The most comprehensive source of information is our Footballidentity forum. It's an ever expanding source for hints or answers to the questions you might have. In the forum you can also participate in discussions or search for other useful information. The forum also includes "Urgent Information" about:
- Matches,
- Bugs
- New Updates
- Other important communication

As a newcomer we strongly recommend you navigate into the forum called "Beginners Corner" (http://forum.footballidentity.com/default.aspx?g=topics&f=77). There you will find a lot of useful information that will help you get started and don't hesitate to post any question you may have (our members are happy to help you out).

Footballidentity Facebook page:
You can also become a fan on our Footballidentity.com Facebook page to get Facebook Updates.

FIDAdmin1 on Twitter:
If you are interested in the things the Footballidentity team are up to at the moment, you can follow FIDAdmin1 on Twitter.


Use the FID News Desk to keep yourself updated on the latest news and happenings! Here we'll gather important information from our different sources and present them in one place, the FID News Desk! Sources such as FaceBook, Twitter, The Forums and the Footballidentity site.

10. BETA Release & Feedback
Please be aware that Footballidentity is in a BETA release. Things may not work as they are supposed to and we are, on a regular basis, tweaking the Match Engine and other functionality. We are happy to receive constructive feedback from you. As a matter of fact, our key to success is the feedback from our users. This feedback is making it possible for us to constantly improve the site and the match engine, something we wouldn't be able to do without you. You are the ones using the system and we strive to make your experience a pleasant one. Please submit your feedback in the test and development section of the forums (http://forum.footballidentity.com/default.aspx?g=forum&c=6).

So, acknowledge the above and go and embrace the fun in the challenging world of Footballidentity.

/The Footballidentity Team
Help and FAQ

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...and follow my blog.

See how matches are played in this Youtube Tutorial.

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