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Pre-season Schedule Season 31 Options
#1 Posted : Friday, January 13, 2017 8:41:02 PM

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Here you will see the pre-season schedule for season 31 (or End of Season schedule for season 30 if you will) and also see the list being updated as we proceed. Dates may be moved around a bit. When a point has been finished then it will be in green and we will also add a "- DONE!" to the point to make sure it is clear.

This is also the thread where you can ask any questions regarding the pre-season.

FIDA presidents please verify that everything looks ok for the coming season for your league(s) here:
National FIDA President Tasks

2017-01-14 Sat Post Promotion and relegation league data in forum.
2017-01-16 Mon Last regular round of matches of the season. - DONE!
2017-01-18 Wed Age Cap request deadline. - DONE!
2017-01-19 Thu Last day for replays. - DONE!
2017-01-20 Fri Player awards are decided and published (Team and Competition Awards will be visible after midnight UTC). - DONE!
2017-01-20 Fri Manager Rating Increase. - DONE!
2017-01-20 Fri Increase and add Age Caps. - DONE!
2017-01-20 Fri Deadline for open and close league requests. - DONE!
2017-01-20 Fri Activity Challenge is handled.
2017-01-21 Sat Preseason officially starts. - DONE!
2017-01-21 Sat Training camps are opened. - DONE!
2017-01-21 Sat New leagues are opened. - DONE!
2017-01-24 Tue Last Playoff Match is played. - DONE!
2017-01-24 Tue Deadline for 6 team league and 12 team League requests - DONE!
2017-01-25 Wed Player Contracts that should be possible to terminate are made terminable. - DONE!
2017-01-25 Wed Decrease Age Caps and release too old footballers - DONE!
2017-01-25 Wed Deadline for movement of teams - mass moves, promotions and relegations. - DONE!
2017-01-26 Thu Contract Expiration for all contracts that ends at the end of season 30. - DONE!
2017-01-26 Thu All footballers and managers who are left in teams who are in leagues that are to be closed will be released. All open contracts and trial contracts will be closed. - DONE!
2017-01-26 Thu Shut all leagues and teams down who are to be closed. All leagues that should be opened are opened. All leagues that are to be converted to/from 6T/12T to another league type are converted. - DONE!
2017-01-26 Thu Movement of teams - mass moves, promotions and relegations. - DONE!
2017-01-26 Thu Match Schedule for season 31 is created. - DONE!
2017-01-26 Thu New Salary Budgets for moved teams who have too low wage budgets. - DONE!
2017-01-26 Thu Newly created teams transfer budget are set. - DONE!
2017-01-27 Fri Predictions are created. - DONE!
2017-01-30 Mon Confidence is set for all footballers. - DONE!
2017-01-30 Mon Chemistry is added to all footballers (this time set to 100%). - DONE!
2017-01-30 Mon Training Camps are Closed. - DONE!
2017-01-31 Tue New season starts. - DONE!
2017-01-31 Tue First match of the season. - DONE!
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#2 Posted : Wednesday, January 25, 2017 12:30:37 PM

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Can you please handle activity challenge? It would be nice if you handle it in next day or two so we can actually spend those FIDC for readjustments as they would be useless otherwise. Thank you smiling
#3 Posted : Monday, February 06, 2017 7:49:36 PM

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I dont think i have recieve my 2 month supporter pass ?
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#4 Posted : Sunday, February 12, 2017 9:32:32 AM

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I think we were told that a solution would be given about slots ending f.x. 15 March, like we'd be able to renew them for 1,5 month for a cost of 80 credits (hypothetical numbers all of them). Any news on that one?

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