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#21 Posted : Friday, November 06, 2015 9:13:09 AM

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To try to summarize all this in one reply.

We have had SO many problems also in the past with the "atmosphere" or "climate" in the Serbian forums. We have had numerous moderators quitting due to RL threats just for trying to keep the tone in the forums acceptable. Serbians may think it is normal to express themself that way, but you know what? This is a game where more nationalities than serbians are playing and everyone should be able to read in the forums without feeling offended in any way, serbians, swedes or any other nationality. So as long as you write in Footballidentity then these are the rules. These rules you agreed upon when signing up, so why is not even a discussion?

About decisions regarding the cheating. We did what we feel is right here. Some will agree and some will disagree. Always like that in cases like this. What is clear is that we do not want to punish innocent users if it can be avoided. And about killing the World Cup. The only one thing that killed the World Cup was the cheating. Period. We had no choice but take the decision we made.

If you see all this as a conspiracy, an attempt to kill off the Adriatic League, then you are simply wrong. The Adriatic has been a role model for how an active community/league can arise really and a user like Bosko have made an amazing job. Bosko is part of the IFIDA and a key member in FID really. To even think the Admin team would do anything to work against him and the Adriatic League is simply wrong. Bosko himself is role model himself in his work ethic, his way of conducting himself with his honest opinions put forward in constructive ways and his people skills.

With these words I want to set things straight and make it clear for everyone before I close this thread that we have rules in FID. You ALL agreed upon these rules. When rules are broken then there are concequences. You cannot just agree upon rules and then break them and think it is ok with the words "Oh, no. Those rules are only for all other users. We act in another way and must be allowed to do so. We simply act like this!". And you cannot blame the Admin team for taking actions againt cheating and bad behaviour in the forums. That is all on you who have misbehaved. If the innocent users who actually do behave should blame anyone then they should blame the ones who do not actually follow the rules. They are the one creating this mess - the admin team simply try to clear the mess up in the best possible ways.

If you still want to continue discussing these pretty crystal clear cases, then feel free to contact us. You know where to reach us:
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