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#1 Posted : Sunday, February 27, 2011 3:25:39 PM

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For those wanting to translate the Game Rules, please find the rules/tags listed below. This is the most recent version of the Game Rules - once translated, please email (including tags) to fid.headGM@communisport.com

[size=7][u][b]Game Rules (English)[/b][/u][/size]

[u][b][size=6]Section 1: General Information[/size][/b][/u]

[b]1a)[/b] The rules are here to ensure that all users have a fun, fair playing experience.
[b]1b)[/b] Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse to break them. You are expected to know and understand the rules upon creation of your account
[b]1c)[/b] If you break the rules, you will be punished. These punishments can include but are not limited to:
-Sanctions to the player/manager or team associated with the player/manager
-Removal and retirement of characters
-Suspended forum and account privileges
-Removal of account
[b]1d)[/b] If you break the rules, turning yourself in may result in a milder punishment
[b]1e)[/b] In the event that a situation arises that is not covered under these above rules, the game staff will act within the spirit of the game and the principles of the rules to decide these situations.
[b]1f)[/b] You can report cheaters using the following link: http://footballidentity....tion/U43.aspx?toGM=true
Due to the excessive amount of reports we receive, we cannot promise that you will receive a response regarding your report; however by providing your username, we may contact you to obtain further information, or clarify the information you have provided.

[b][u][size=6]Section 2: Account Rules[/size][/u][/b]

[i][u][size=6]2a) Multi Accounts:[/size][/u][/i]
Users are allowed to create [b][u]ONE[/b][/u] account. Users are allowed to create additional characters by purchasing the character slots from their user screen. If a User feels they have a valid reason for changing to a new account they must contact the Game Master team prior to creating a new account and may under very special circumstances be granted permission. These requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

[i][u][size=6]2b) User Nationality:[/size][/u][/i]
[b]i)[/b] The user nationality that you choose when registering your user should only be the nationality of the country where you were born or where you are currently living. Selecting a nationality different to that of the country where you were born or where you are current living, to win easy awards, or for any other reason is forbidden.
Changing nationality is not allowed however if you have created a user with an incorrect nationality in error you should contact us. We will then terminate that account (and any character connected to it) and allow you to create a new user account.
[b]ii)[/b] National Team Belonging:
For the purposes of the National Team section of the game a User can have Dual Nationalities allowing that User to be eligible for a second Nation as well as their User Nationality. This does not change their Nationality.

[i][u][size=6]2c) Logging into another Users account:[/size][/u][/i]
It is forbidden to login to another user account, for example for training purposes. It is also forbidden to allow another user to login to your user account. You should ensure your password is known by only you, to avoid other users logging into your account.

[i][u][size=6]2d) Selling/Acquiring User accounts:[/size][/u][/i]
It is forbidden to sell your user account, or advertise it for sale. It is also forbidden to purchase a user account, or take permanent control of somebody else's user account.

[i][u][size=6]2e) Playing from the same IP/Computer as another User:[/size][/u][/i]
Multiple users can be allowed to play Footballidentity from the same IP address (house/college/location) with prior Game Master approval.
Multiple users can be allowed to play Footballidentity from the same computer with prior Game Master approval.   

[b]i)[/b] Users sharing IP address, or playing from the same computer are only allowed to play/manage on the same team if they receive prior approval from the Game Master team. Please contact the Game Master team for approval.

[b]ii)[/b] Users sharing IP addresses/computers must contact the Game Master team who will make a note against your account. Users must contact Game Masters upon registration and not at later stage, failing to contact Game Masters as early as possible may get all users involved suspended and/or banned.

[u][b][size=6]Section 3: Manager/Player Sportsmanship[/size][/u][/b]

[i][u][size=6]3a) Changing contracts to increase Bank/Training:[/size][/u][/i]
It is strongly forbidden for footballers and their managers to sign new contracts during the same day in order to be able to maximize training. For example if managers and footballers agree that their contract salaries should be increased to maximum so that the footballer can train to full effect and then go back to normal salary during the same day.

The rule should therefore be read as follows:
It is forbidden for footballers to sign more than one contract per day, and for managers to offer more than one contract per day to the same footballer (if one or more of the contracts have been signed).

[i][u][size=6]3b) Managers changing contracts when leaving a team or to help a player leave:[/size][/u][/i]
Managers are not allowed to change contracts when leaving a team or to help a player (including their own) leave. The purpose for doing something like this can include, but is not limited to:

-helping a friend
-signing the player to their new team
-hurting the team overall

Some examples of our interpretation of this being broke:

-terminating a player contract to avoid a transfer fee being paid
-setting the release fee less than the footballer was purchased for
-setting the release fee less than the footballer is valued
-selling a player for a price drastically below the players value
Players terminated by Game Masters for inactivity or breakages of rules especially rule 3h are excluded from the above.

[i][u][size=6]3c) Managers disrespect towards other users/teams:[/size][/u][/i]

Managers arriving at a team must take into consideration that the team contains active footballers and they must respect the wishes and feelings of those footballers. Failing to do so will result in action taken against the user.

This can include but is not limited to an action where a manager takes over a team and does the following:

- changing the team training time to something completely unrelated to the team.
- changing the team positional training to something unrelated to that position (i.e. shooting strength for a GK)
- drastically changing team information without consulting the team first, e.g:
* Team Name / Colour / Logo / Description
- transfer listing a group of players without first talking to them.
- trying to force players out of the club because they are not of a particular nationality/religion.

[i][u][size=6]3d) Fair Play/Sporting Managers/Players:[/size][/u][/i]
Each club shall play its full available strength in all competition matches, unless some satisfactory reason is given. Managers' who show a clear lack of respect for the competition in which their team is playing in, or behave in an unsporting manner will risk being punished. A few of examples of this would be:

[b]i)[/b] Where a manager takes control at a team for the sole purpose of benefiting a few players/friends by giving them maximum contracts, whilst not being able to provide good competition for their opponents.

[b]ii)[/b] Where a manager shows a lack of respect for the game, by failing to field a full strength team or fielding bot players over active players for the purpose of providing easier competition for their opponents or saving the team from loss of confidence against a strong opposition. A manager should always set a lineup with the highest chances of achieving the best result for the team, while offering the toughest opposition to the other team in each match.

Please note when a team is playing an ‘easy’ or bot match, squad rotation or using youth players can be valid as long as there is no obvious attempt to lose a match or affect the outcome of a league by reducing goal difference.

[b]iii)[/b] Where one or more people attempt to fix the result of a competitive match, for the purpose of benefiting one, or both teams. A competitive match is defined as an official, or unofficial league or cup competition.

[b]iv)[/b] Attempting to deceive or trick an opponent into fielding a weaker team or to be less active in an attempt to gain an advantage over them.

[i][u][size=6]3e) Managers changing teams:[/size][/u][/i]
A manager or assistant manager may not abuse the job system by changing teams too often. With "changing" we mean when a manager is already employed by one team but apply for another team while being employed. If a manager is fired by the team he is allowed to apply for more teams and such events is not included by this rule.

[i][u][size=6]3f) Realistic Transfers:[/size][/u][/i]
A transfer (from one team to another) should be done in a realistic way with regards to price and player movement between teams. The following important rules should be followed:

[b]i)[/b] A footballer should not be transferred back and forth between teams in order for one of the teams to earn money on the transfer or for one of the teams to loan a player from another team. The result of a transfer should be that the footballer really change teams in order to play for the new team for a longer time.

A player shall not, in normal circumstances, transfer back and forth between the same team within a 30 day period of time. This includes indirectly transferring as well (using a middle man).

In exceptional circumstances, this may be deemed acceptable, and approved by the Game Master team. Any player that would like to transfer to a previous team within a 30 day period must make a special request to the Game Master team, who will approve/reject the request. To do so, please Contact the Game Master Team prior to transferring back to a previous team, explaining your reasons for the transfer.

[b]ii)[/b] Unrealistically low transfers. It is not allowed to buy or sell footballers from one team to another for an unrealistic amount of money, that does not represent their footballer value.

As a manager you are only appointed manager for a team (you don't own it) so if you make poor financial decisions for a team you will not be the only one suffering from it, the team itself and its footballers will.

[i][u][size=6]3g) Mass Player Movement:[/size][/u][/i]
A footballer/manager should not be involved in player movements between teams where the goal is to move a whole, or major part of a team. This may include one or more of the following:

[b]i)[/b] A team shall not, in normal circumstances, exceed 3 player transfers to the same team within a 45 day period of time. This includes indirect transfers of players as well (Using a middle man).

[b]ii)[/b] A manager shall not terminate one or more player contracts where the goal is to move a whole, or major part of a team.

Any team wishing to mass move to a different league/fida must make request to either local fida (or ifida, where local fida is inactive) 1 season in advance.
This means that the deadline for request coincides with the very 1st round of the season at the end of which the team is allowed to move.

If the team:
- does not make explicit request by the deadline
- mass moves before the end of season (4 or more players join target team in less than 45 days during the season)

All transfers (including the first 3) will get reverted.
If the crime is reiterated, an extra chemistry penalty will be applied to the players mass moving, instead of the standard 15% applied for transfers they will get 35%.

Expired contracts will not count towards a mass move unless:
- The players expired contract was for less than 110 days.
- Other team mates under contract move to the same target team as the non contracted player.
- You change team within a season with the aim of shortening your contract length.

The only exceptions for the above mentioned rules are:
- Players that cannot meet age cap requirements
- Players in leagues that are going to be closed
- Players in leagues that are declared bot (by IFIDA)

In all these cases, teams still need IFIDA approval

Mass moves within the same country are dealt by the NFIDA in charge of it.
The team must make explicit request to local fida and wait for response.
NFIDA shall communicate the decision and, in case of approval, the date after which the team is allowed to move.
In case of denial or missing request, NFIDA can directly report the faulty moves to GMs, who will act according to the rules described in the previous section.

[b]NFIDAs duties:[/b]
Once a NFIDA receives a mass movement request, it must announce it in the league forum it is in charge of and inform IFIDA at the same time.

[i][u][size=6]3h) Players and Managers fulfilling Contracts:[/size][/u][/i]
Players are expected to play and maintain the agreement they signed when creating a footballer in the game. This means that players are expected to play for the team they sign and not sit on salary without playing. Managers are also expected to play the players and not withhold playing time and restrict player movements without just cause.


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